Half Staff Notification

If you want to be sure you are notified when to put your American flag and half-staff, here is what you need to do:

- Go to our Facebook Page: Facebook.com/FlagpoleFarm

- Go to the Drop Down menu under “Following” and select the icon to edit Notifications (This is the gray pencil icon)

- Choose to see all posts by checking the box for “Posts”

Now, you will receive a notification on your personal Facebook page when we post half-staff notifications.

NFL Football Flags

please visit our other website: www.pacificflagandpole.com to view our complete selection!
Arizona Cardinals Flag
Product ID : arizona-cardinals-flag
Atlanta Falcons Flag
Product ID : atlanta-falcons-flag
Baltimore Ravens Flag
Product ID : baltimore-ravens-flag
Buffalo Bills Flag
Product ID : buffalo-bills-flag
Carolina Panthers Flag
Product ID : carolina-panthers-flag
Chicago Bears Flag
Product ID : chicago-bears-flag
Cincinnati Bengals Flag
Product ID : cincinnati-bengals-flag
Cleveland Browns Flag
Product ID : cleveland-browns-flag
Dallas Cowboys Flag
Product ID : dallas-cowboys-flag
Denver Broncos Flag (Deluxe)
Product ID : denver-broncos-flag
Detroit Lions Flag
Product ID : detroit-lions-flag
Green Bay Packers Flag
Product ID : green-bay-packers-flag
Houston Texans Flag
Product ID : houston-texans-flag
Indianapolis Colts Flag
Product ID : indianapolis-colts-flag
Jacksonville Jaguars Flag
Product ID : jacksonville-jaguars-flag
Kansas City Chiefs Flag
Product ID : kansas-city-chiefs-flag
Miami Dolphins Flag
Product ID : miami-dolphins-flag
Minnesota Vikings Flag
Product ID : minnesota-vikings-flag