Half Staff Notification

If you want to be sure you are notified when to put your American flag and half-staff, here is what you need to do:

- Go to our Facebook Page: Facebook.com/FlagpoleFarm

- Go to the Drop Down menu under “Following” and select the icon to edit Notifications (This is the gray pencil icon)

- Choose to see all posts by checking the box for “Posts”

Now, you will receive a notification on your personal Facebook page when we post half-staff notifications.

Flag Accessories & Parts

12" Gold Eagle
Product ID : 12_gold_eagle
12" Natural Eagle
Product ID : 12_natural_eagle
Black Ball
Product ID : black_ball
Brass Double Swivel Snap
Product ID : brass_double_swivel_snap
Brass Rubber Coated Swivel Snap
Product ID : brass_rubber_coated
Brass Swivel Snap
Product ID : brass_swivel_snap
Bronze Ball
Product ID : bronze_ball
Cherry Finish Flag Case (3x5 flag size)
Product ID : cherry_finish_flag_case_small
Cherry Finish Flag Case (5x9.5 flag size)
Product ID : cherry_finish_flag_case_large
Flag Case In Solid Cherry-Handmade
Product ID : flag_case_2
Flag Case In Zippered Plastic
Product ID : flag_case_3
Gold Ball
Product ID : gold_ball
Silver Ball
Product ID : silver_ball
Stainless Steel Swivel Snap
Product ID : stainless_steel_swivel_snap
Wall Eagle
Product ID : wall_eagle
White Ball
Product ID : white_ball